My research at Leon Deouell’s Human Cognitive Neuroscience Lab was about how the human visual cortex represents visual stimuli over sustained periods of time. The links below contain a selection of guides, tools, functions and analysis pipelines that I developed over the course of my PhD.


How to plan and run an fMRI experiment

img My complete guide to planning and running an fMRI experiment (with Matlab experiment code template).

How to analyze fMRI Data with FreeSurfer and FSFAST

img My complete guide to analyzing and visualizing fMRI data using FreeSurfer and FSFast (with analysis pipeline code template).

Functions for time series analysis and statistics (MATLAB)

img A wide array of Matlab functions, focused on EEG analysis but should be widely applicable. Include functions for plotting, testing, manipulating and generating data.

ECoG/fMRI visualization and data plotting toolbox (MATLAB)

img Toolbox for visualizing 3D brain models in Matlab, as well as to flexibly plot data on and around the brain surfaces.

Intracranial EEG (ECoG) anatomical processing and electrode reconstruction pipeline

img Matlab scripts and functions making up a complete pipeline for ECoG anatomical processing and electrode reconstruction, using FreeSurfer, BioImage Suite, FSL, and SUMA (AFNI).

Code template for a visual EEG experiment (MATLAB)

img A Matlab code template for a visual EEG experiment with (optional) eye-tracker.